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Welcome to PaanPoee
India’s Village Libraries: Leading them from A B C to advanced Reading

The World knows: Millions of India’s Village Children have to grow up without electricity, clean water, roads, even proper nourishment.

Distressed, the retired city-based couple, WE, pondered how we could help. It was out of question for us to provide electricity, water or roads to their deprived world. But surely we could bring some cheer, to some kids, by offering them a glimpse of the ‘Wonderful World of Books’, fascinating books - of Pictures, Songs,  and Knowledge - never seen amidst poverty.
A PaanPoee Library bag   ... helped by HOH too!
This was our inspiration to start a ‘Village Library Movement’, initially meant for the young helped by their KG teachers. But very soon these teachers, then their mentors, then the community elders of villages, small settlements isolated from urban living, pleaded to us for more books, on more subjects and at higher levels of Reading.

So we two, a Pop and Mom duo, started 9 years ago giving away, with own resources, carefully selected books - at their doorsteps, all for FREE!

We named our Mission ‘PaanPoee’ Vachanalay (Library).
The word ‘Paanpoee’ (called ‘Piao’ in Hindi) indicates a roadside stand or kiosk serving water to thirsty passers-by, for free. Our library centers are exactly that! Life-giving knowledge fountains for thirsty minds.
‘PaanPoee’ – for free ‘Reading’, and with difference!
A ‘PaanPoee’ Center differs from a usual library in ALL ways– it has no fixed or owned place, no furniture, hardly any overheads and no paid staff of its own, no publicity expenditure, and the books come to doorsteps of eager readers even in isolated, deep countrysides!
Utilizing lunch recess - rushing from other schools to read PaanPoee books!    
A lucky teacher on bicycle - most walk with books 2 or 3 kms. each way, daily to PaanPoee center.   In a better village - reading PaanPoee books.

About 9 yrs. ago we started giving just a few bagfuls of books (about 35 or so in each) of pictures, songs and stories for KG children. The reception was rousing, unbelievable! With the books the teachers and mentors felt empowered. As the ‘word’ spread, more and more communities wanted books for their young and very soon for the mentors too! The response has been overwhelming.

Not only the quantity but even for quality contents of books they ask for, has been astonishing!  
The field reports we receive show that ‘PaanPoee’ Vachanalay Reading makes profound difference to the life of the readers. It is best expressed in hundreds of spontaneous letters, some reproduced in the ‘Responses’.
From the modest beginning in 2003, with few 30/40 book-bag ‘(Library)’, now our ‘PaanPoee’ books, (well over 32,000), are read now by over 30,000 readers, in over 80 PaanPoee centers and sub -centers, all helped with devotion by over 640 teachers, hobby class volunteers, social workers, etc. spread over 9 districts..
Just in 9 years!! And ALL FOR FREE!  

Attaining this growth and reach in scattered villages and communities, on our own, was impossible. But thanks to the good networking with other NGOs and in particular Vanasthali, our main associates helping with their dedicated army of village teachers and workers to operate the centers and HOH (Home of Hope) in California for grants, and also support by friends, ‘PaanPoee’ is contributing to Literacy and better Life of people.  

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